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Teaching and Training

Your museum figures are only as good as the team maintaining them!

Excellent maintenance skills are crucial for your curatorial team.

Tony Webb can train your curators how to maintain, repair and restore your wax, silicone and fibreglass figures to a very high standard.

In specially devised workshops implementing instruction, demonstration, interaction and collaboration we can enrich and embed the key techniques required to keep your figures looking their very best. We travel worldwide and have excellent experience in devising the right workshop that suits your needs, environment and business model.

Your figures will last longer, look high end and your team will be practically prepared for the demands of a busy exhibition, where turnaround time for restoration needs to be minimum.

Our experience shows your team will be enthused and the quality of their creative output will be improved greatly. This is a no brainer!

With over 20 years experience in wax figures, investing in your team will ensure your figures look as good as the day you installed them and your curatorial team will become far more effective to carry out the demand tasks they are presented with on a daily basis.


Specially devised and personalised workshops deliver the core skills of figure maintenance to your curatorial team with demonstration, instruction, collaboration and theory.

Correct techniques to : 

  • repairing wax figures

  • remove paint build up from wax figures and cleaning

  • understanding oil colour theory for wax figure painting

  • paint wax figures with oil colours to high end finish

  • repair broken eyes/teeth and re-install

  • inserting hair and repair hair insertion loss

  • dressing and styling hair/wigs for wax figures

  • wig repairs and alterations, synthetic and human hair

  • 'refreshing' the colour on wax figures for minimal downtime

  • installing figures, dressing and undressing figures

  • repairing mannequin bodies and fibreglass body maintenance

  • painting fibreglass bodies to high realistic finish

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