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Creating A Wax Figure

Our bespoke high realism wax figures will take your breath away.

TWWF can create a custom, bespoke figure to your exact specification.

Everything is done in house by the best in the industry, so continuity of output is first rate.

Leaders in the industry, we can work with you to provide exactly what you need, within an agreed time frame and cost, all underpinned by an established approval process that involves the client at all key stages of project.

It all starts with an inspiration......a discussion.....

How does it work?

The client provides us with an outline of the project details and environment the figures will be placed in, TWWF then give the client indication of cost and turnaround time.

A dynamic discussion inspires ideas and concepts for the figure/s required and various concept sketches are rendered to help visualise the ideas.

The preferred concept/look/costume/pose and expression is chosen by the client, with input as required and TWWF engage in extensive research to ensure the figure meets client 


A cost and payment schedule is established with the client and the project begins.

We ensure the client is happy at all key stages of the project by an APPROVAL PROCESS.

What is the Approval Process?

This establishes the clients satisfaction at key stages of the project.

Client feedback is encouraged at each key stage, so changes can be made as necessary.

Each stage is 'signed off' by the client before moving on to the next stage.

The client can visit TWWF Studios in person or the figure can be photographed/filmed professionally by Tony Webb for client viewing.

Key stages include : 

  • concept/pose/expression/costume/props (if required)

  • the clay portrait before moulding

  • the completed hair work/oil colouring on the wax head

  • the finished complete wax figure and costume

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