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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a wax figure?

Please contact Tony for a quote, as every figure is different and there are many considerations that impact cost, go to our Contact page.


How do you make the figures?

Please visit our Making A Wax Figure page to see the exciting process.

Can you ship the figures anywhere in the world?

We ship figures all over the world at the clients request. We fabricate shipping cases to international ISPM standards, to ensure your figures arrive on time and in perfect condition. It is more cost effective for the client to arrange a shipping agent in their own respective country, we expertly pack the figures so they are ready for collection by the shipping agent.

For the UK or Ireland, we can deliver the figures by arrangement.

How long does it take to make a wax figure?

It takes approximately 4 months to make a custom wax figure, but it can take longer if the pose is dynamic or if the figure is required to show most of the body.

For example, our Denzel Washington figure was created quicker than our Marilyn Monroe figure, as she is showing most of her body and requires more work.

If we are making a duplicate of a figure we already have moulds for, the process is faster and takes approximately 2-3 months, dependant on the type of figure.

At TWWF we can produce multiple figures at the same time.

We can provide multiple figures for a large project within an agreed timeline. 

Are the bodies made of wax and how long can they last?

The bodies are not made of wax. The bodies are either sculpted in clay or life cast from real people, they are then moulded and cast in fibreglass and resin, so they are very strong. The wax head sits into the body seamlessly and even up close you cannot notice the difference in materials, as the fibreglass body will show excellent surface detail and will be painted to a very high standard.

Wax figures can last decades if maintained and cared for correctly. We have worked on wax figures of historic importance that are well over 100 years old.

I can buy 'wax or silicone wax figures' from China for less can't I?

We wish you the very best of luck!

Tony Webb Wax Figures compared to Chinese silicone figures
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